East Bay Express

The Advocate serves straightforward California cuisine and does it very, very well — better, in fact, than just about any other restaurant I’ve visited in the East Bay this year.

SF Chronicle

Squid a la plancha is one of the best preparations I’ve had in recent, or distant, memory. The rings and tentacles are infused with a slight smokiness and are uncharacteristically juicy and tender…

San Jose Mercury News

Chef John Griffiths’ creative, seasonal menu interprets Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes through Northern California ingredients, straddling the line between foodie-delighting whimsy and comfort fare with aplomb.

Diablo Magazine

Title: Diablo Magazine Reviews The Advocate, “Berkeley’s New Classic Restaurant”

Bay Area Bites

Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood has scored what promises to be one of the East Bay’s next destination restaurants…

SF Eater

The Advocate has arrived in Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood.  And like the name suggests, it has everyone’s best interests in mind…

Inside Scoop

At the Advocate, Campbell’s cocktails are defined largely by the produce that arrives into the restaurant and by extension, the seasons…


If there’s one thing that the two guys behind downtown spot Comal know how to do, it’s create a buzzy restaurant…


We wanted the food to be along the Mediterranean vernacular, for it to be very approachable, but to highlight some of the more esoteric regions—have more of a focus on southern Italy, Sardinia and Sicily, get some North African spices in there..”

SF Chronicle

It’s been mostly radio silence since the owners of downtown Berkeley’s smash-hit Comal announced last year that they were opening a new restaurant.  Finally, partners John Paluska and Andrew Hoffman have released details about the new project, poised to be the highest profile-dining establishment yet in Berkeley’s quaint Elmwood district…


 The name was chosen because it was also the name of Elmwood’s original newspaper, said Paluska. It also seemed fitting for a restaurant in a city known for its activism. “It’s a tip of the hat to Berkeley…”